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Fort Polk is a United States Army installation located in Vernon Parish, approximately 10 miles east of Leesville, Louisiana, and 30 miles north of DeRidder, Louisiana. book may be hard to find so registering to complete your school's Virtual Yearbook may be the next best thing to finding Fort Dodge Sr High School yearbooks. I was there until Oct. 1968, when I was REFRAD. Released back to duty in MP Bn and played police MP for remaining tour of duty. Good luck and let us know. I too have served my country well 17 yrs; 6 mths. We were now using the M-16 and not the M-14 we were trained on in Basic Training. Thank you. Rarely did instructors repeat themselves. Full day care, before-and-after school care, part-day, and hourly options are all available depending on demand and other factors. Fort Polk began as a base for the Louisiana Maneuvers in the 1940s. In Basic they ran a kid to death, as the FS said at the time, he was a fat bastard and didnt deserve to be in this mans Army. I wonder what they put down for the cause of death. Atlanta, Ga. : Albert Love Enterprises, Inc. Advanced embedding details, examples, and help, United States Army Training Center--Periodicals, Military training camps--Louisiana--Fort Polk--Periodicals, Soldiers--Louisiana--Fort Polk--Registers, United States. Though it was inactivated, the division was identified as the third highest priority inactive division in the United States Army Center of Military History's lineage scheme due to its numerous accolades and long history. Search for Classmates, Friends, and Family in one. I requested a copy of my records in 2015, and received them. They bused us to Fort Polk and upon arrival low crawled us about one half block to our company. My guess would be in 1970? Espesially escape and evasion weekWOW.Bless you sgt.Ramos i pray you made it home ! Please contact me 5 in 15 months. Helping Military Personnel, Veterans, Families, and Descendants Discover More About Their Service. Arrived at Fort Polk From Chicago where it was 4 Degrees in Feb of 71 and 70 at Polk I thought I died and gone to heaven until I met My Drill by the name of Lopez real asshole hated us Chicago Boys he said we were all Gangsters. 1969 Ft. web pages How do I find out who died in Vietnam from my training cycle? I took the test again and scored exceptionally well. Pays to be smart!!! The United States Army Armor School began in 1940 as the Armored Force School and Replacement Center at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Was very lucky. DON;t remember co but was at south fort and north fort .LOOKING for anyone that could have there and remember being on training and got sprays contact me please thank u. Jimmy I was at Ft. Polk from july -november 1971. Fort Dix Basic Training Yearbook 1971 Company E. Roster and Photos for Recruit Company E, 1st Battalion, 2nd Training Brigade for 1971, United States Army Basic Training, Fort Dix, Kentucky. Interesting they dont list ssn anymore for good reason. Finally got in bed about 3:00 am. He was drafted into the Army. I took Basic at Polk in March 1968. When we lost the Best Barracks the 6th Week. Please allow additional time if international delivery is subject to customs processing. It would have been our last or next to last patrol before being moved to DaNang. This is an indexed collection of middle school, junior high, high school, and college yearbooks from across the United States. The drill sergeant was the trainees point of contact with the chain of command. Want to find out what hairstyle was popular in the 1920s? Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. But most importantly, we were taught to listen to the drill sergeants, obey orders and perform as part of a team. Had drill Sargent Spain also. I truly Polk helped prepare me for Nam. Youre going to have to know what Brigade,Battalion and Company he was in, Basic Training Company or AIT, I was a Drill Sgt. Many of us can remember the 1960s and early 1970s and the first thing most folks think of is that this was the Vietnam War years. Instant Access to Millions of Yearbook Pictures, High-Resolution, Full Color Images Available Online, Search, Browse, Read, and Print Yearbook Pages, View College, High School, and Military Yearbooks, Browse our digital annual library spanning centuries, Support the Schools in our Program by Subscribing. In search of obtaining a Ft Polk Infantry Training Camp annual from around 1968 that would include Clifford A. Fort Polk is served by four Child Development Centers on-post. It served the 1st Armored Division in the 1950s, and became a basic training post during Vietnam War years of the 1960s and 70s. My drill sergeants name was Senior Drill Sergeant Jimmy L. Carter. Fort Jackson Basic Training Yearbook 1963 Company A. Roster and Photos for Recruit Company A, 3rd Battalion, 1st Training Brigade for 1963, United States Army Basic Training, Fort Jackson, South Carolina. They were in such great shape. Fort Ord was closed when I was drafted due to spinal meningious. I was fortunate to qualify number one in the Battalion on the M-16 and was called to the stage at the graduation awards ceremony to receive a prize from the CO. Its dirty, and its ugly. do you know if they were stll doing AIT for Tigerland training cycles during 1970? remember. Every month, we always checked to see if our names were on that months roster. Probably saved my life. ! I think I still owe you 50 pushups sarge !! I survived but the memories will linger forever. He was responsible for the platoon and had authority to issue orders. Daddy helped bring the combat trackers to light. The one guy on my mortar team was Joe Hosey from Kocomo, Indiana. Due to a planned power outage on Friday, 1/14, between 8am-1pm PST, some services may be impacted. Training company was directly across the road from Tigerland. I was in the Enlisted Records Branch, where I maintained personnel records for permanent party personnel in several basic training and AIT companies. Are you From New York? But bunk and locker drills are simply a means to an end. Contact me at john3351@comcast.net if you have any insights on the use of agent orange at Polk. After B-4-1 I wasnt afraid of anything the Army could hand me. I was at Ft. Polk, E-1-2, from 10/66 through 01/67 for basic training. 3rd bdg for basic training in 1970 July and later i took my ait in north fort A-2-3 Capt Dixon raiders. I was at Fort Polk for AIT during July and August 1968, after having completed basic training at Fort Dix, NJ. It is a God awful reality at 68 years of age. John Roppelt. I was suppose to go to fort Lee Va, for supply school finally got there in July of 71. on the Internet. We got on board a rickety old plane and flew somewhere in Texas then took busses into Fort Polk, LA. Three, we ran to almost every training area. A military yearbook from 1966. Of this, 100,000 acres are owned by the Department of the Army and 98,125 acres by the U.S. Forest Service, mostly in the Kisatchie National Forest. Nonetheless, everyone was treated the same. D Company, 5th Battalion, 1st Brigade, 2nd Platoon, D-5-1 U.S. Army Basic Combat Training, Ft. Lewis, Washington He served in Vietnam 1968-1969. Made SP5 in 18 months. However, I processed records for many guys who were sent to Vietnam. Please speak to a librarian to view a title on the list. Trainees were taught how to use the M-16 as a sword. Thanks. I would eventually end up on aircraft carriers deployed in the South China Sea and beyond." Jeff Manthos . The deadly herbicide known as Agent Orange was used in great quantities during the Vietnam War. Oh, and dont forget the time when the DS walked down range to fix one of the automatic targets after we were ordered to unload our M-16s. Cool. That is if you lived through Ft. Polk, LA. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. After arriving at Fort Polk, actual training did not immediately begin. According to reports six men were arrested on. SDS Willie Sims was my drill instructor. Those being shipped out were processed by some of my buddies in Company A, Sp. With Yearbook.org, you can join your class list to receive reunion and alumni event updates, find yearbooks, and search for alumni Select your class year. I was assigned to Company A, Special Troops, as you were. And I was fit. I really need to get into touch with someone whom can vouch for me being there for my retirement benefits I was not Infantry but the post commander was a Prick and made everyone go thru Tigerland Training. Women's Army Corps. First, Drill Sergeant Carter was under pressure to convey, and for the platoon to learn,a massive amount of information in a short period of time, and second, the serious purpose of the instruction itself, whichwas to mold us into soldiers possessing the requisite knowledge and skills needed to performin a military capacity. In October 1974, Fort Polk became the new home of the 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized), and basic training and AIT started being phased out. We switched to AT&T after a month here and it works way better. Got an Army Commendation Medal for that. He never made it to Vietnam and never made it back home. Story of Bau Bang. As for the personal qualities of the my fellow trainees, I can state without reservation that they all adhered to the highest standard of conduct. Army Veteran. At the completion of AIT soldiers with last names beginning with A,B,C,D got orders for Germany, while E thru Z went to Nam. Maybe I can get some answers to the questions thay they had. Reunion 2006 Grand Lakes O The Cherokees,OK, Audie Murphy Presidential Medal ofFreedom. Was a 71H30 (Personnel Specialist) with Adjutant Generals office in building 317. He had only been there a few months and became very ill. My mother and father are now deceased and they had so many questions that never got answered. 196 Recruits Graduated on 26 February 1972. cg mp; hy on; . I turned 21 at Tiger Land. I came home pretty beaten up and didnt ever want to deal with politicians again. He was a little squirt and I was 6 2 and weighted 190 lbs. there in 68 through 69 and locating those books can be challenging, E-Bay does have a number of them listed, Good Luck. Was anyone with A company 2nd bat. Your tour reflects many of the same incidents I and many many other 11Bs experienced. Hence, the stakeswere much higher. All of the guys that were in my company for basic training were National Guard guys from all over the US. 1973 1969a 1975 About this record This screen shows the complete catalog entry of the title you selected. My training companys chain of command was as follows: trainee (E1 or E-2) -> drill sergeant (E-5) -> senior drill sergeant (E-6) -> first sergeant (E-7) -> executive officer (2nd lieutenant) -> company commander (captain). I dont recall the COs name. Have developed agent orange complications over the years including diabetes, and cancer. Seems we started the day with a 5 mile run, ate a quick breakfast and on to training. Because of that leave, instead of heading to Vietnam, I was assigned back to Ft. Polk. Company D, 3rd Battallion, 2nd Training Brigade August 67. Commenced Training 12 Dec 1966 Show more Ft Polk @2 The. Training was intense. Graduated from Polk in August of 71 and ended up in Vietnam on August 19, 1971. But I played it along and missed a bit of basic. I was a lean, mean fighting machine. I was stationed at Ft. Polk and also worked in building 317. Did not matter what your MOS was going to be. Believe it or not, I have good memories of my time there, the friendships and camaraderie. He also functioned as a teacher and roll model. Of course went to Viet Nam we made up three new Companies for The Big Red One in Viet Nam. I was in For Polk also, and went to Vietnam as an infantry man and was wounded after 245 days in the bush. The entire company participated. Each platoon wassupervised bya drill sergeant. Every now and then, I had to serve CQ duty (weekends only) at the Adjutant Building. Could this be him? I enlisted in Dallas and was sent to Basic at Ft. Polk in October 67. Ive been battling agent orange diseases for over 15 years now and the VA still think I could have been exposed to dioxin like roundup when I was a kid. Assigned to the Americal Division 196th Light Infantry Brigade; A company-3bn-21st infantry. Finally, after eight weeks of training came graduation. Company Commander: CPT Dennis J. O'Driscoll. Kinda would have been good to make the 196th transfer to Danang and been there. To me, new to the army and a civilian through and through, such nitpicking seemed pretentious, theatrical, arbitrary, and even terrifying, nothing more than an attempt to bully us into submission. Im trying to gather photos etc. Below: Reception station, Fort Polk, Louisiana(photo: U.S. Army). For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program, This amount includes applicable customs duties, taxes, brokerage and other fees. Does anyone out there have any pictures that they may have taken while at Tiger Land during that time frame. I do have a picture of our training company(dont recall the proper company ect). Guys who worked in the Levy Section, where rosters for Vietnam came down from Washington, lived in Co. A, Sp. Company Commander: 1Lt Robert Connor. 211 Recruits Graduated on 22 October 1967. Realize for many Vietnam sucked but for me, a big improvement over Ft. Polk. The location of the graduation is also shown below. Heck, it was learned that I was a competent golfer so I was selected to play in a tournament with base officers so I was excused for an entire week to practice and play, my wife having sent my clubs to the fort via Greyhound bus. After medic school, I got a 2-week leave, because had to go home to get a divorce (while in medic training, I got a Dear John letter). I believe the Sgt Major was called pineapple. Below: Trainee platoons (photos: U.S. Army) There were approximately fifty traineesper platoon, each commanded by a drill sergeant. The barracks were not new but the same style we had at Fort Ord at the reception station. Morning formation was followed by breakfast, then by physical training, then by more training in accordance with the program for that day. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program, (6) US Army Photos/Basic Training/Fort Polk, Louisiana 1972, USPS First Class Mail International / First Class Package International Service. I knew full well that I would not want to be an officer, I just wanted to get out as fast as I could. God Bless you, and God Bless America. Then to Fort Sam AIT 91A10. Their educational levels ranged from primary school to college graduate. After being sworn-in at Ft Lee, NJ, we were taken to JFK & boarded a commercial charter 707. How long was Basic? Good luck. He got sick after three week . We were taken to the mess hall for some grub. Hey. Us Army. Each platoon was assigned a barrack, a two-story wooden structure that probably dated back to World War Two. Below: map of Louisiana showing the location of Fort Polk. the old saying goes like this: I left the Nam but the Nam has not left me. Interesting Tigerland was still operating as it was. Good to know someone else who was in the same office building, at the same time, and lived in the same company, Co A, Sp Trps. Did a year in the Infantry while in Vietnam and was wounded 6 months after I arrived. Upon check in, there were no slots available for medics, so I was offered the opportunity to do OJT as a records clerk. Go ARMY! 4/1966 3/1969 Basic and AIT Fort Polk Louisiana. If its not in the Pictures its not included. For us graduationtook placeon February 26, 1971. He also retired at Fort Polk from the 12th Cav, 5th Infantry Division. I would like to say however that I wish I would have known him. I did Vietnam in 70 and that wasnt as tough as Polk, either. The army placed great stress on spit-and-polish. I remember that Fort Polk was called Little Vietnam! Effective date of change is the publicantion of the 2001 annual history) CY 2001 (2 copies . Roster and Photos for Recruit Company D, 15th Battalion, 5th Training Regiment for 1956, United States Army Basic Training, Fort Knox, Kentucky. Our drill sergeants kept us busy. On graduation day Sgt Rainwater made us clean our M-16s over and over saying they were dirty until late in the evening, making many of us miss our flight connections to go home, knowing we were going to Vietnam. Revisit your fraternity or sorority and see familiar places. Training had begun. 1971 Basic Training Graduation Book, Fort Polk, Louisiana To access the content of this book, scroll down. This in no small measurewas dueto the effectiveness of the program in keeping us engaged and occupied with tasks designed to transform us into soldiers. Waiting lists may apply. I saw that we had something in common, and wanted to comment. The items are shelved in an area that is closed to the public. Harold Hathcock, Obtained port calls and extracts from morning reports for AWOLs. I remember a Drill Sergeant Burdett, tall thin man, very quite and not too mean. Below: map of Louisiana showing the location of Fort Polk. Ending up 11-C but did the same duty as 11-B except we carried a 81mm mortar and an M-16. I dont think I could be a foot soldier. The report said that he had been complaining of feeling tired, over heating, dizziness and nausea. . Anyway good luck in your search. Filled with black and white and color photos from the training center. Welcome to the club, Gary. Sims in the 2nd Training Bn 1968? That was the first time I ever heard about agent orange being used at Fort Polk. We also had other instructors who instructed us on various subjects relevant to our training. No hes only 5-9 and was in Vietnam in 1966 he was at Polk in 1967 the year him and my mom married. That website is https://www.archives.gov/veterans. His Name was Wiley Clark. New set, sent me to Ft. Eustis Va. for transportation school. Completed Infantry AIT at Fort Polk in July of 1971. Thanks. The Film/Digital Notes contain a description of the microfilm or microfiche numbers. NEED HELP WE WERE SPRAYED DURING TRAINING PLEASE CONTACT ME AT jimmyandclaudia@gmail.com thank u jimmy. Basic Training Graduation is going to be one of the most memorable and monumental moments in a service members life. JD, www.semidelicatebalance.com. I met some really gorgeous women there, too. The big buildup was coming the Army wanted to keep experienced people at this training facility. I can say that both physically and mentally, from July through September in Southern Louisiana was rough. Fort Jackson Basic Training Yearbook 1969 Company B. Roster and Photos for Recruit Company B, 2nd Battalion, 1st Training Brigade for 1969, United States Army Basic Training, Fort Jackson, South Carolina. I took basic at Ft. Polk, in South Fort, in company E-1-2. The week before we graduated from basic we were in formation and told what our next duty station would be, but not what training it was. About U.S., School Yearbooks, 1900-2016. During their training, more will be understood about the routine that will become such an essential part of their next eight weeks in Basic Combat Training. Sorry Joe, but I dont know for sure. No Copyright.No Table of Contents.No page numbers found.Photos extend into binding and to edge of pages.Pages are resized and over-cropped to capture images. I was there from Sept to Dec 1967.Sgt Strahan from Cape Cod was my drill sgt. Did see him again until last week. There were frequent inspections. I was at Fort Polk in the summer of 71 I had basic and a it there .we came from Newark New Jersey and was suppose to fly out to fort Polk but the flight was cancelled so they took us to the holiday Inn hotel that night and we flew out the next day .I was like one of the last people to be drafted in the army .I enjoyed being there I was in the best shape of my life .after ait I was going to lpc school but my grandfather died so I went home .when I got back I still had my orders for Vietnam and I wanted to go because my brother and my brother-in-law was already there so I signed up to go .however we were holdovers for 10 days and ended up going to Erlangen Germany .I really didnt want to go there I wanted to fight .

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