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1971-S 40% SILVER EISENHOWER DOLLAR COIN . Each one of the coins available to you in this listing comes with a protective plastic flip. 40% fine silver. The face value of $1 (USD) is fully backed by the US government. Your final four options allow you to calculate the melt value of your Eisenhower 40% silver You may not want to give away your 90% coins, but a relative might be just as appreciative if you give him/her a 40% coin such as a Kennedy Half-Dollar with his/her date of birth. Therefore, they can be an attractive option for collectors. All were 1971 S and attractive coins except one of the 63's had a thumbprint on Ike's head along with dark toning. The branch was responsible for producing uncirculated and proof strikes of the dollar coin for collectors, as a way to avoid hoarding. I live downtown, less than half a mile from where JFK was assassinated, and near a museum that was founded in 1989 to commemorate this event. There is currently no reviews for this product. We use a live, up-to-the-second spot price feed supplied by Xignite.com, a worldwide leader in the data supply market. Click to enlarge. For this reason, this coin had no demand and production issues ever since 1935, when the Peace dollar series was last minted. Also, rec'd 1 coin with gross black mark, but I'll keep it. $51.50 . Market Loss Policy | This 1776 to 1976 silver dollar value is yet to be determined. Latest Offers, Straight To Your Inbox. Unfortunately, we cannot gurantee delivery. At the time, Mint Director Mary Brooks wanted to revitalize the dollar coin with a new design. We use a live, up-to-the-second spot price feed supplied by Xignite.com, a worldwide leader in the data supply market. Total Weight: 24.59 grams Current Silver Bullion Value: $7.63. Check out our eisenhower 40% silver dollar selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Please feel welcome to call us toll free at 1(888) 989-7223 or use our Live Chat feature during normal business hours Monday through Friday, 08:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. CST. 136 sold . Return this item for free. The first option, showing the picture of a single Eisenhower 40% silver dollar, is for entering The month of March marked the passing of President and WW2 General Dwight D. Eisenhower. 23 sold . From 1971 to 1974, the US Mint produced 'Brilliant Uncirculated' quality 40% Silver Ike Dollars. $0-$198 Orders: $7.99 Flat Rate (Base Shipping), $199+ Orders: FREE Shipping (Base Shipping), Paper Check: 3-5 Business Days Upon Receipt, eCheck (ACH): 3-5 Business Days Upon Receipt, Credit/Debit Card - Min: $0, Max: $50,000. For this reason, these coins are generally referred to as the blue Ike dollar. We are required to collect sales tax in certain states. This can Coin is either in BU or Proof Condition (depending on stock on hand) Coins issued between 1971 and 1976 (coin shipped depends on stock on hand) Face value of $1 backed by the federal government. The Eisenhower dollar would be minted using base metal targetedatmass distribution and circulation, and a version of the piece, which would serve as a collectable coin. This 1971-1978 limited mintage was issued by the U.S. and briefly reestablished the one dollar silver coin! These 40% silver dollars were struck soon after the passing of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. and new product arrivals. please wait. I've been collecting these since I was a kid. Contains .3161 Troy oz of actual silver content. Obverse and Reverse of the Eisenhower dollar coin. $15.99. Thus, its agreedamong Western scholars Eisenhower was one of the greatest U.S. Presidents. Read For Gift, 1972 S Eisenhower Dollar 40% Silver Type 2 Double Die Obverse Error W/OGP, 1971-S Eisenhower Dollar 40% Silver in original US Mint Package ~ 410, 1971 S Eisenhower Dollar 40% Silver Repunched Mintmark Error W/OGP. $10.50. Dwight David Ike Eisenhower was the 34th President of the United States. For a larger selection of silver coins, try the Others have written extensively on these subjects. Greysheet Catalog Details Eisenhower dollars were minted from 1971 through 1978 and designed by Frank Gasparro. ** His leadership as Presidentofficiallylasted from 1953 until 1961. $9.99 . As a consequence, Congress saw the opportunity to honor both in the coins design. auction. Also note, all orders totaling $1000+ will require a signature upon delivery. Free shipping . On many products, we are also able to offer volume discounts to customers purchasing large quantities of the same item. Issued a face value of $1 (USD) by the government of the United States. The prices and auction values displayed below are from the last 10 years, from 2012 up until 2022. Congress passed the Coinage Act of 1965 in July, and while the new half-dollar retained its silvery appearance due to the outer layer being 80%silver and 20%copper, as a whole, the coin was only 40% silver. The production of the bicentennial silver dollar began almost two years prior to its inception, as mint officials deemed there would be little time to prepare the commemorative coins in under a year. Don't be the last to know about the latest deals and new product arrivals. And after the U.S Mint announced the production of a new dollar coin, Congress saw the opportunity to honor both events in the pieces designs. Silver Value (in red), whenever a change is made to the amounts in any of the text boxes. Your purchase will match the quality of the product shown. silver dollars. representing the total quantity of 40% Ikes that you wish to know the silver melt value of. The 1972 Eisenhower dollar features Gasparros portrayal of the Apollo 11 insignia. document.getElementById("ak_js_1").setAttribute("value",(new Date()).getTime()); Images shown are examples only. The Eisenhower dollar is the final regular-issue dollar coin to have been minted in silver (collectors and proof issues were minted with a purity of 40% Ag [84] ), the final dollar coin to be minted in the original large size, [85] and the only circulating 'large dollar' to have been minted in cupronickel. Join us today for FREE! Youll need to be physically able to lift at least 50 pounds if youre considering buying a $1000 face value bag. Some also lump 35% silver war nickels in when using the term 40% silver. dollars by weighing them. The mint year is featured beneath the presidents profile. Arching along the coins upper half is the word LIBERTY in spread-out letters. Ike dollars in silver are worth more than their face value. This concludes JM BullionsUltimate Guide to 40% Silver Coins. The Treasury had originally planned to issue 91million half-dollars for 1964 year, but elevated the mintage to 141million coins. The legend at the top displays UNITED STATES OF AMERICA with the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM directly underneath, and the denomination of ONE DOLLAR at the bottom. During the first four years of the series, these coins were individually packaged and sold to collectors. This coin is not to be confused with the Eisenhower dollar or the Eisenhower Presidential dollar which were regular issue American coins. His administration spearheaded the Interstate Highway System, promoted science education through the National Defense Education Act, established NASA to promote American space exploration, and signed the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1957 while sending federal troops to forcefully integrate schools in Little Rock, Arkansas. 1974 S Silver Eisenhower Ike Proof Dollar $1 Gem . His image is featured along with an engraving of Liberty above his head. The face value of $1 (USD) is fully backed by the US government. Although many speculate to all the contributing factors, JFKs popularity and early demise made the Kennedy Half-Dollar one of the most sought-after and horded coins of all time by the public, irrespective of silver content. 20+. Please review our Privacy Policy for full details on our data security measures. Visiting this gravesite memorial planted a seed in my mind and soul that would sprout years later. Thirteen stars, representing the original states, can be seen surrounding the eagle. Nearing the end of November 1964, the U.S. Mint had struck and distributed approximately 160million pieces, however, the coin was rarely seen in circulation. Ive placed two orders of Ikes (one of three coins the other of five) which came in the mail within five days. We offer a 4% discount to "cash" paying customers - with paper check, bank wire, and bitcoin payments being defined as cash. Eisenhower Dollar Roll (20 Coins) 1971-S 40% Silver BU. Eisenhower Silver Dollar Mintage. They are U.S. standard ounces and pounds (a.k.a. Sponsored . text box. trading hours. Mint mark appears below Eisenhowers neck above the third and fourth number in the date. - Citi Bank Buys $229 Million In Physical Gold? Buy Eisenhower Silver Dollars at GovMint.com. Stay Informed of Our Special Offers. This silver dollar coin, designed by Frank Gasparro, shows a bust of Dwight D. Eisenhower on the obverse and an eagle . The coins were struck in BU and Proof versions from 1971 to 1974 with the bald eagle design, and from 1975 to 1976 with the Bicentennial design. We take data security very seriously. These Eisenhower dollars contain a 60% copper and 40% silver content distribution. Nevertheless, a complete set of silver Ike dollars comprises 10 coins, regular issues, and proofs included. The 1978 Eisenhower dollar was produced as a circulating coin, though few saw much use beyond the casinos of Nevada. text box. U.S. Silver Coin Melt Value Calculator or the Payment clearing timeframes for all payment methods are listed below: If your order ships Base Shipping with Tracking (Our Choice - USPS or UPS), it typically will be received within 2-4 business days, depending on your delivery address. That said, within hours of the assassination, Mint Director Eva Adams called Chief Engraver Gilroy Roberts, informing him serious consideration was already being given to depicting Kennedy on one of the larger silver coins: either the silver dollar, half-dollar, or quarter dollar. Eisenhower Ike 40% Silver Dollar Uncirculated Mint Set 1971-1974 Random Date . While circulation Ike Dollars were made of copper and nickel, coin collectors were able to purchase a . Hover to zoom. Type: Eisenhower Dollar Year: 1971-1976 Face Value: $1.00 Composition: 60% copper, 40% silver Silver Weight:.3161 oz. Arching around the reverses upper and lower half, respectively, are the words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and ONE DOLLAR. They are the U.S last circulating large-size dollar coin and were minted in both copper-nickel clad and 40% silver composition. The United States Mint also struck limited numbers of 40% silver Eisenhower dollars for collectors and copper-nickel proofs. 25 sold . Stock Images. Upon completing checkout with a VISA or MasterCard credit/debit card, you may be promoted for additional details to confirm your identity and protect our customers against credit card fraud. President Dwight D. Eisenhower is on the obverse. silver in your Eisenhower 40% silver dollars is worth (intrinsic value), and will not include Not that bad All good things come to an end . silver value and total silver content of one or more Eisenhower 40% silver dollars. EISENHOWER IKE DOLLARS 6-COIN SET Complete Set of all 6 Years 1971-1978 with COA . Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. Specifications. The Ike dollars reverse was based on the Apollo 11 mission insignia, designed by astronaut Michael Collins. Great to have around. On the obverse of the 40% Silver Eisenhower Dollar Coins is a left-profile bust of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Free shipping . Before we get into the specifics and reasons why to add 40% to your collection or stack, Id like to lead in with a personal story illustrating why 40% silver coins are so favored, especially Kennedy Half-Dollars. In 1970, a decision was made to take a middle course of action. In 2005, precisely ten years after that D.C. trip, I moved to Dallas, and its where Ive lived for the last twelve years. The bald eagle design featured on BU and Proof coins issued from 1971 to 1974, and the Bicentennial reverse was featured on 40% silver coins in 1975 and 1976. You can return the item for any reason in new and . The term 40% silver is a short way for investors, collectors, and buyers to refer to Kennedy Half-Dollars minted 19651970, and 1976, as well as Eisenhower Silver Dollars minted in the years 1971-1974, and 1976. I shall explain shortly. ##What Are Eisenhower Dollars Worth?## Price text box. While we make the best efforts to hit presale dates, the dates are only estimates, given we cannot control mint production issues and/or carrier dealyes. Spot silver rose so high that by June of 1965, circulating Roosevelt-faced dime dated 1964 or earlier contained $0.0933 worth of silver. $18.00. June 1995. A 1978 Ike dollar that weighs much more than 22.68 grams (say around 24.5 grams, for example) may have been struck on a 40% silver . in 1986. Dont be afraid to look into your change or check in with your coin dealer for these coins. Keep reading to learn more about these coins. Free shipping . Silver prices were on the rise, and many of these Kennedy Half-dollar coins were being hoarded. Yes. Heis remembered for his key position in World War II, the formation of the Interstate Highway System, and as the executor inending the Korean War. We also never have access to your credit/debit card details, as they are securely communicated directly to the payment processor (Authorize.net) and never retained by Silver.com. dollars, the total face value of your 40% Ike dollars, or by the total weight of your Eisenhower 22. Very Poor. Picture Information. $21.22 $ 21. Nonetheless, the new decision didn't cease the use of silver in U.S coins altogether. (2) Add To Cart. Free P&P . Use the text box on the right to enter a number help you in figuring the maximum bid you should submit for an online 40% Eisenhower silver dollar There are absolutely no additional charges for handling or upcharging for P.O. We are one of the few bullion dealers in the industry who only deems products "in stock" when we have them on-hand and ready to ship immediately. Both obverse and reverse sides of the coin were designed by Frank Gasparro. Coins may or may not come in original mint packaging. When you place an order with silver.com, your information is transmitted with the utmost SSL (secure socket layers) 256-bit protection. Coins are uncirculated. $1.00 + $9.95 shipping . 1 oz South African Gold Krugerrand - Random Dates, 2019 Patriot 1 oz Proof Like Silver Round - American Revolution, 1 oz Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf - Random Date, The Eisenhower dollar, sometimes also called the Bicentennial dollar, was struck from 1971 through 1978 and was intended for regular commerce. Yes. or Best Offer. It is considered one of the rarest coins. These Eisenhower dollars contain a 60% copper and 40% silver content distribution. That month I, along with 30 other classmates, took a trip to Washington D.C. We had fundraised all spring semester selling pizzas and gourmet lollipops to afford the flight, professional tours, meals, busing, and hotel stay. Was this review helpful? Bags are less efficient with space than rolls and they need sufficient space for storage. This was my first trip to the east coast and our countrys capital it was only my third time flying on a commercial airline. Both inscriptions are separated by two stars slightly below the equator of the coin. The reverse of the 1976 Eisenhower dollar coin was designed by art student Dennis R. Williams, who was 21 at the time. On the obverse side is a bust of Dwight D. Eisenhower. PLACE BID or . All of the 40% Silver Eisenhower Dollars in this product listing come to you in circulated condition. The Eisenhower silver dollar calculator determines total silver value and total silver content Free shipping . Minted from 1971 to 1978, the Eisenhower dollar coin is an alluring piece of U.S coinage. This guide allows the reader to gather all the need-to-know details about the short era when the content of some coins produced by the U.S. Mint was 40% silver. As President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower is remembered for presiding over one of the most robust periods of economic growth in American history. In 1969, lawmakers had their sights set on reintroducing a dollar face value coin into regular circulationand generalcommerce. President Dwight D. Eisenhower is depicted on the obverse side of 40% Silver Eisenhower Dollars. Eugene T. Rossides, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Enforcement and Operations, today announced the following premium prices for special Eisenhower dollar coins to be made of a 40 percent silver alloy: $10.00 per coin for the proof, and. dollars are stored in canvas bags. Any quantity only $14.49 per coin. Product Rating Both proof and business strike 40% silver Ikes were produced from 1971-1974 and also with the dual date 1776-1976. Check out our article about Rare Silver Dollars - What are the Most Valuable Silver Dollars? I wont get into that in this guide, seeing as the topic is 40% silver coins. 1974 S Eisenhower.ated - 40% Silver. I received a 1971 S with tarnish all around the rim, makes it look ugly, Ordered two just because I wanted a surprise in the mail I was hoping for bicentennial and APMEX must have read my mind because one of them was in fact a bicentennial and in awesome condition Questions? Coins in circulated condition can show varying levels of wear and tear. Please. This is the first time I collected 40% silver Ikes. You could also use a combination of methods depending on how your Ike Exact shipping method depends upon your products and delivery address and will be shown on the checkout page (before you finalize your order). Most circulated coins have typical detracting flaws such as scuffs, blemishes, scratches, or other light detractions. The bicentennial coins were first struck as strike trials in proof, with only one example of each coin. Find values, history, key dates, and collecting strategies for Eisenhower dollars. The Bicentennial Silver Proof Set contains a Bicentennial quarter, a Bicentennial half dollar and a Bicentennial dollar. According to experts, Eisenhowers two terms reflected several shining credits the most notable of which was a high level of economic prosperity, with the exception of a stark recession from 1958 to 1959. CHECKOUT DATES @ M-15 LOCATION: Tuesday, January 17 from 9am to 5pm Wednesday, January 18 from 9am to 6 pm Thursday, January 19 from 9am to 6pm Friday, January 20 from *8am* to 3pm. The Mint will announce ordering details for these collectors . Therefore, there is no question as to the authenticity of the silver content in 1971-1972 coins. Please note, paper check and bank wire orders will NOT result in a charge to your card - we simple maintain the card on file while we await full payment by your selected payment method. Please feel free to reach out to Silver.com with any questions. A value larger than the default of 0 (zero), will reduce the total silver value and The copper-nickel coins did not circulate well, and got limited to casinos and eventually collectors. Depicted is an eagle flying over the surface of the moon with an olive branch firmly grasped in his claws with a small Earth turned so that North America can be seen. Rate Average 1972 S 1973 S Eisenhower Dollar Proof %40 Silver US Mint Plastics OGP - 2 Set . Gem Proof 1972-S 40% Silver Eisenhower "IKE" Dollar Coin. 1974 S Eisenhower Dollar - Blue Ike - 40% Silver. Tricky Ikes: Only a small percentage of the total Eisenhower dollar mintage is 40% silver. FREE Returns . (Instructions Below). Prices for some key date Ike dollars reach into the thousands of dollars. All Rights Reserved. Business strikes of the Eisenhower dollar were produced in both the Philadelphia Mint and Denver Mint in copper-nickel clad composition. In the instance of a presale item, we denote that the product is on presale and the estimated shipping date. 1971 S Eisenhower IKE Dollar 40% Silver Comes in original US mint packaging Dollar UNC US Mint . For that occasion, the 1976 Eisenhower dollar received a new design chosen by the Treasury Secretary from a national competition honoring the countrys ideals of freedom and free thought with a depiction of the Liberty Bell. All volume pricing is laid out in the chart on the product's description page, as well as in the cart. It portrays a bald eagle, Americas national bird, hovering near the Moons surface, grasping an olive branch in its talons. You could also use one of the other major world currencies available in the The United States Mint produced a limited number of Eisenhower Dollars in 40% silver composition. In July, scientific research and development culminated with the mans first landing on the Moon. There are absolutely no additional charges for handling or upcharging for P.O. Lot 0321, Jan 14, 2023. . Calculate 40% silver value : ( 24.28 .0321507466 24.59 .40) = $7.6781770015. 1976-S 40% silver Eisenhower Dollar Proof. On the obverse side of the 40% Silver Eisenhower Dollar is a bust of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Free shipping . A stylized image of the American eagle landing on the moon is shown on the reverse side of the 40% Silver Eisenhower Dollar. Yes/ Call us at 1-866-898-4805 or email us at buybacks@silver.com to sell your items. 1971 S 40% Silver Eisenhower Ike Dollar $1 BU Brilliant Uncirculated . The design was used in honor of the nations 200th birthday. They are often traded for their silver content in $100, $500, and $1000 face value bags. 1971 S Eisenhower Dollar - Blue Ike - 40% Silver, 1971 S Eisenhower Dollar - Brilliant Uncirculated - 40% Silver, 1972 S Eisenhower Dollar - Blue Ike - 40% Silver, 1972 S Eisenhower Dollar - Brilliant Uncirculated - 40% Silver, 1973 S Eisenhower Dollar - Blue Ike - 40% Silver, 1973 S Eisenhower Dollar - Brilliant Uncirculated - 40% Silver, 1974 S Eisenhower Dollar - Blue Ike - 40% Silver, 1974 S Eisenhower Dollar - Brilliant Uncirculated - 40% Silver, 1976 S Eisenhower Dollar - Brilliant Uncirculated - 40% Silver, Eisenhower Dollar - Mixed Dates 40% Silver - Impaired. Good Placing your bid. The other coin was the Eisenhower Dollar, the last US silver dollar issued by the US Mint. A 40% Ike that has some wear from being handled may not have as much Their names were William Herbert and Lamar Hunt. Contains .3161 oz. The Eisenhower dollar symbolizes at least two numismatically significant elements, being the first dollar coin minted during the copper-nickel clad era (which began in 1965) and the last regularly issued dollar coin with physical dimensions approximating the traditional silver . The Total Silver Value is figured based on the U.S. Dollar amount displayed in the Silver The Eisenhower dollar was replaced in 1979 by the Susan B. Anthony dollar a small-size dollar coin that was also quite unpopular with the public and was discontinued in 1981. Here are some reasons for owning and investing in 40% silver coins. All packaging is extremely generic, and our labels on the outside of the box give no indication as to the valuables within. $0-$198 Orders: $7.99 Flat Rate (Base Shipping), $199+ Orders: FREE Shipping (Base Shipping), Paper Check: 3-5 Business Days Upon Receipt, eCheck (ACH): 3-5 Business Days Upon Receipt, Credit/Debit Card - Min: $0, Max: $50,000. The pieces with silver content sold well, but the overall opinion on the Eisenhower dollars was unpopular. Eisenhower Ike 40% Silver Dollar Uncirculated Mint Set 1971-1974 Random Date . Please note, larger orders may require multiple parcels. Even if youre not a collector looking only for graded/slabbed coins, there are still key years that hold more value than the average coin within the same era. Free shipping . Silver Price Poised After Record COMEX Withdrawals, FDIC Prepares for Bank Failures as Bad Assets Climb, The World Demands 200 Million More Ounces of Silver Than We Have, Demand for Gold Has Never Been This High Says Austrian Mint. For thirty years, there was an absence of dollar coins, and initially, none were minted in the new metal. Fast & Free Shipping On Orders Over $199! to zoom. Our shipping costs are very simple and can be seen in the tiers below. The production of Eisenhower dollars made of silver occurred in the San Francisco Mint. You will receive a 40% Silver Eisenhower Dollar similar to the one in the photo, in the exact same packaging. Many pieces challenge even financially well-heeled collectors. * This calculator is only for use with the special issue 40% Silver Eisenhower Dollars. Numismatic expert explains how much your Eisenhower silver dollar is worth. However, the total melt value is continued below. 1976 S UNC BU UNCIRCULATED SILVER (40%) EISENHOWER IKE DOLLAR ROLL (20). Actual item appearance is subject to change, but will always correlate with title and description. Demandez gratuitement une recherche pour cet article de collection.. Quality AU(55-58). One 1776-1976 Bicentennial Eisenhower Dollar Coin. There are $1, $10, $50, $100, and $1000 options each representing 1, 10, 50, 100, and 1,000 Ike . Typically, Kennedy Half-Dollars and Eisenhower Silver Dollars are not considered for their numismatic value. In view of that, Congress wanted new coins to be minted. In 1969, the United States Mint was considering the reintroduction of silver dollar coins for the first time since the Peace Silver Dollar was halted in 1935. Eisenhower dollars minted in the Denver and San Francisco facilities bear a D and S mint mark, respectively. $ 13.50. Per some sources, the flame has only been extinguished twice, and both times were by accident. Nonetheless, the majority of Eisenhower dollars are much more affordable to obtain. Note that the price listed is not a confirmed bid and buybacks are subject to $1,000 minimums as well as possible maximums depending on inventory positions, and require verbal confirmation via phone. Privacy Policy | In that regard, they are a favorite choice to kickstart a collection, while, at the same time, being a possible way to earn some money. Canadian Silver Coin Melt Value Calculator. The design of the Eisenhower dollar coin was envisioned by Mint Chief Engraver Frank Gasparro. This is our extensive deep dive into coins containing 40% silver, or simply, ourUltimate Guide to 40% Silver Coins. 1971 S Eisenhower Ike 40% Silver Dollar GEM Proof. 1971-1974 Blue Ikes. The inscriptions UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and ONE DOLLAR arch around the edge of the coin. Canadian Silver Coin Melt Value Calculator. 3 days Left Pedestrian Mall by Borewko, Alexander $1. Specifications. Between the years 1965 and 1976, two major U.S. coins contained 40% silver. You can return the item for any reason in new and unused condition: no shipping . Total Weight: 24.59 grams Current Silver Bullion Value: $7.59. Eisenhower dollars made using the copper-nickel clad can be found with relative ease, and are worth a bit over their face value. Up until the 1960s, the bullion value of a silver dollar did not exceed 70 cents. Hoping issuing more 1964-dated coins would mitigate the public at larges collector and silver speculation in the coin, the Treasury asked, and was givenCongresss authority, tocontinue minting 1964-dated coins well into 1965. Please note, paper check and bank wire orders will NOT result in a charge to your card - we simple maintain the card on file while we await full payment by your selected payment method.

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