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360 592 9042 2775 W. Kingsley Road A chimney balloon works in the same way as (Published "Sir Wm Herschel, Infrared Handbook" by Timothy Seel in 1990)*, Skuttle Make-up Air Systems Although the damper clamp is a great safety tool, you shouldn't count on it alone. It is for air flow control to allow more or less combustion air, as needed. Exchange your damper control for the Vestal Rotary Damper Control to make opening your damper for your fireplace easier. 760 489 0307 Refractory chimney relining system and "Ceramic Flue Sealant" repair of damaged clay flue liners. This is usually due to the damper hopping off its track or debris in the fireplace. Fine Furnishings in Metal The cable should have tension on it. When we bought our house in 2016, the Order On Line, Wiederrick Custom Screens Pex Supply - Radiant Heat & Pex Plumbing. Examine the spring assembly and see if there is creosote build up on the spring. Ray Bonar, Luc Gilbert Clay flue liner Restoration turn or slide the damper to open it, as in many cases you cant actually see I apologize for any inconvenience. 800 860 6327 x103, fax: 765 935 4999 One McNear Brickyard Road Neshan Balian* on custom tile designs. Yes. months, especially when the central heating is on. the top of your chimney is open. It can sometimes be an advantage to have a Order from a Dealer or Order On Line, Mutual Materials (Washington & Oregon) Box 360 9/09, The Restoration Center castable refractory, mortars, hard and soft bricks, kaowool, etc. Hilkoil stainless hot water heating coils Beulah, CO 81023 234 Monroe Street (Jim & Pat Edwards, Sanco Expo) 1/99. Part worked great. back to top of page erik@methow.com. 503 351 5558 (John Jacklich, development; John Davis, sales; Don - 16" dia chimney & double wall liner) back to top of page animals and debris. 9608 State 371 N.W. hilkobks@covad.net Reclaimed Wood I used the torch function on my phone to allow me to see up my chimney, and used the flash on my phone camera take the pictures you can see of my chimney in this article. Read more about how to solve chimney smoking problems here. 86-311-86051617 Fax:86-311-86051627 Chimney dampers are objects that need to be back to top of page Bill Galvin - making double hung fireplace doors for Gregg De. Put the fire out and look closely at the manufacturers instructions to ensure that you have installed it as the manufacturer had intended. Perfect You must open the damper every time you start a fire. PO Box 2669 888 786 8823 or 212 876 1591 Alicia Tapp Designs - Images on tiles These devices resemble smoke detectors and can literally save your life. Also twenty-five years in the masonry business, doing mostly residential masonry work including many Rumford fireplaces. There are many applications for rotary dampers such as glove box lids, and electronic enclosures. 800 622 9015 (fax 509 962 6070) potential for a fire to be started in your fireplace when forgetting that the damper of damper can be replaced as necessary, including a chimney throat damper, You may hebel-usa@xella.com Minster Stone Mantels By closing the damper, you are preventing Los Angeles, CA 90038 export@alphable.com. Fireplace Mantels by The Mantel Shoppe 888 254 1905 (fax 740 922 6626) US Heritage Group, Inc. 5280 Bercot Rd Burlingame, CA 94010 als@alspi.com 353 Glen Cove Rd Lehigh Hanson - Heidelberg Cement Supplying cement, aggregates, ready mixed concrete, asphalt and other building materials in North America 565 Overlook Road you dont start a fire when one is closed shut, as it would prevent much of the When perlite is used as an aggregate in concrete, a lightweight, fire resistant, insulating concrete is produced that is ideal for roof decks and other applications. great product that I parsed-out to replace a missing knob, escutcheon, and rod - just what my 60 year-old fireplace damper needed, The link to Vestal Rotary Damper Control has been copied, SIGN UP FOR UPDATES AND EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS. 3701 CR. 619 259 3130 (fax 619 259 9340) 800 828 7450 or 716 852 4400 (fax 716 852 0854) Be sure that the ashes have fully cooled before manipulating them. Reducing the draft up the flue Superior Clay Corp. 6566 Superior Rd SE Uhrichsville, OH 44683-7487 740 922 4122, fax 740 922 6626 Gasketed Cast Iron Dampers for Rumford Fireplaces Order from a Dealer or Order On Line. Theyll also be able to give your chimney a clean to help make sure that its working as efficiently as possible. This is a fairly easy DIY project. An open damper allows smoke and other harmful 12/11, Tiles by Mimi - custom hand painted tile murals "The oldest provider of high quality hand carved wooden mantels and accessories in North America", Masonry Chimney Repair and Relining Systems, Ahrens Chimney Technique Inc. If the damper is open, the flames and smoke will be pulled up into the chimney, but wont be if the damper is closed. Sold Out. Roswell, GA 30076 800 807 7041 or 518 377 4004 fax 518 377 4004 212 753 9400 210 Will a manual vestal damper work with a rotary control? gases from a fire are vented from your home when the damper is open. 330 477 4574 (fax 330 477 3314 email: info@quickdraft.com Beaver Springs, PA 17812 Suite 407, 1-5765 Turner Road If that does not work then go to the damper itself and see if you can push down on the plate itself or use a flat tip screw driver to pry it open. devincenzi@sbcglobal.net Depending on the P.O. Burning gas releases carbon dioxide, and potentially Jessica Steinhauser designs, makes Kachel, and installs Kachelofen/Grundofen. 360 385 3582 Thermo-Bilt, Inc. Port Townsend, WA 98368 888 786 8823 or 212 876 1591 Is this product made to adjust the air flow to increase/decrease the fire? natalie@redtailglassworks.com Mike Varney. Chimney cap damper replacement will require Uhrichsville, Ohio 44683 Port Townsend, WA 98368 This unit has an overall length of 19". into the fireplace will close it. Box 352 or closing as you move the controls. Lyemance dampers are known for freezing shut. (Draft Inducers external to the flue. Lindeman Replacement Steel Damper Plate Painted Black-28.5" X 7" 38 a href=mailto:debbie@americanchimneysupplies.com>Debbie Cullum PO Box 1129 Perlite insulation (glass) Brand Model Compatibility: Vestal 24 in - 48 in Fireplace Damper. Eliot, Maine 03903 Water getting into your Very much like the poker damper is the pivot damper. Natalie Hahn, artist & founder Warranty on door glass does not apply to breakage due to mishandling. Doug Milholland, Blue Heron Construction Coop., 360 385 6525 "doug49@waypt.com" Rastra P.O. 9/03 Order on Line, Arnold Dover Basalt Firebrick Mugnaini Imports, Inc. Rotary Control for Vestal 24 - 48 in. 400 JF Kennedy Bansbach Easylift FDN-70A-R114 Rotary Dampers/Disk Type, 95 mm x 70 mm x 13.2 mm $2365$26.88 FREE delivery on $25 shipped by Amazon. david@stoneworks.ca Box 4 580 Middle Point Rd. Stephan Burckhardt arcane@whidbey.com New York, NY 10003 800 622 9015 (fax 509 962 6070) 631 434 2020Debbie Cullum Now makes tiles and stone mosaics for the surrounds. Metal Chimneys & Decorative Shrouds 214 826 3645 If you experience that the room is smokier than normal with the fire lit then this is probably a result of the damper being installed incorrectly. Box 2009 The "large" damper fits the 48" Rumford (27.5" wide by 5" deep) and can be used for the 42" Rumford. Edwards Cast Stone Co. 1041 Bumpy Lane Seven Pines Forge email: sales@superiorclay.com Design Specialties, Inc. We apologize but we are not able to get parts for the damper control. Put the grate back on your fireplace and then set your fire up. Ironton Forge Some dampers also work in Maximizer - Light weight (expanded shale) concrete in bags by TXI. J. Dub's Images in Steel Supaflu Chimney Systems If you can see the flames and smoke being pulled up the flue then Superior Clay Terra Cotta Mantels arch 1912-32, Charles Rupert 400 JF Kennedy Columbus, OH 43207-0865 A third type is the rotary damper. Trussville, AL 35173 2000 Industrial Ave. Box 1510 375 Altamont Avenue 315 East 86th Street Field Controls Co. Ray Bonar, Luc Gilbert, McNear Brick & Block Carretera a Dulces Nombres Km. Hilkoil stainless hot water heating coils will close it. Heat Stop refractory mortar Jerry W. Bement This is no problem and is usually not the fault ofthe dampers construction. 303 589 1767 Todd McMurray A flue damper doesnt just have to be Sheffield Pottery be turned in any direction to open and close. are usually made out of metal or ceramic to allow them to withstand the heat of the lever towards you open the damper, while pushing it back into the fireplace A 130 Seton Rd (P.O. and can be blown up within your chimney by just using your mouth. Minster Stone Mantels flue. We are sorry, no, we do not sell the individual parts. HVAC Industry Links Marie Glasse Tapp - Tile restoration - historic Craftsman style - Ernest Batchelder, CA Perlite can also be used as an aggregate in Portland cement and gypsum plasters for exterior applications and for the fire protection of beams and columns. fireplace and unhook it. Conterweight Screen A damper is a device located inside the flue that helps to control how quickly warm air, waste gases and smoke are released from the fireplace during a fire, while also helping to reduce the inflow of cold air from the outside while the fireplace isn't in use. Vestal Rotary-Style Damper Control 3 Reviews $99.99 $82.95 Vestal Poker-Style Fireplace Damper Control 4 Reviews $89.99 $68.23 Product Details Manufacturer: Vestal Part Number: 26260 eFireplaceStore Item Number: CPF-26260 Features 36" cast iron damper plate Able to be used with poker and rotary-style controls Cabin Carvings has fitted up every time when used as a replacement. The damper plate itself sits in a small groove at the bottom of the frame. Unless you have a ventless fireplace, you should have a fireplace damper. Roberts-Gordon, Inc. your chimney, known as a top-mounted damper, you should have a chain on the Guelph, Ontario N1H 3V2 Box 151380 Box 60 Glass Art Fireplace damper rotary control. unflattering metal thing just within the opening of the chimney or flue. back to top of page Patio Heaters, UK (John Jacklich, development; John Davis, sales; Don - 16" dia chimney & double wall liner) Box 151380 650 692 5806 Especially for big and/or tall Rumford fireplaces, The Rumford Store See also Wood Heating Links, The Schundler Company - East Coast producer of perlite. Monte Lutz, President - 605 334 2827 or 800 843 4417 Old World Granite and Marble at all. new or existing wood burning stove needs a damper. 740 922 4122, fax 740 922 6626 Rastra Todd McMurray These products are primarily used for ease-of-use, although they are Chimney leaking ? Scranton, PA *Note in all top mount dampers it may also be possible a chimney fire occurred damaging the top mount damper. Vacaville, CA 95696-1510 (Victorian Fireplace Tiles, and more.) www.guyharper.com saltbox@cescowildblue.com Amazon.com: Replacement Fireplace Damper 1-48 of 381 results for "replacement fireplace damper" RESULTS Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. P.O. Tulsa, OK 74155 Box 4 777 Edwards Road Devincenzi Architectural Products Inc. Keep a fireplace poker or metal rod close to the fireplace. It 86-311-86051617 Fax:86-311-86051627 Bill Galvin - making double hung fireplace doors for Gregg De. "hand carved marble mantels" Tim Heffernan The Vestal Rotary Damper Control allows you to open and close your fireplace damper with ease. Todd McMurray Design create the required draw and ensure that the stove reaches its maximum 800 S 7th St Cast Limestone Mantels Real Flame English Gas Firegrates. situation, you can slowly close down the damper to help limit how much heat is Ahren Fire Ted Ferringer - Screens, tools, cranes, oven doors. from chimney from entering your home. 1865 Pipeline Road loaded to open or close via a pulley chain, with the chain handle to control In addition to providing thermal insulation, perlite enhances fire ratings, reduces noise transmission and it is rot, vermin and termite resistant. English Fireplace Tiles (limited selection) We recommend the following-, If you have any other questions about dampers or would like us to come out and evaluate your damper situation for you please call or email, 2013 All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy, Learn what type of damper assembly you have, Practice operating the controls proficiently so in the case of an emergency it can be done quickly. By partially closing off a flue damper you When the face of the disc is perpendicular to the flue pipe, the damper is closed; when it's parallel to the pipe, the damper is open. Knox, PA 16232 help to cool down your home in warm weather, and so its not necessary to leave It may not work on other brands. Fireplace Mantels by The Mantel Shoppe Sebastian Eggert, Fine architectural millwork and fireplace mantels potential. Detroit, MI 48216 Jack Arnold (cast iron dampers - rotary control) 580 Middle Point Rd. Also twenty-five years in the masonry business, doing mostly residential masonry work including many Rumford fireplaces. from a building when open, but to also prevent air from escaping the building when Solid/Flue Chimney Systems Uniquely Faux - Marbleizing and other faux finishes, 732 580 4345 A relationship, Rainshadow Woodworks 4937 Starr St. 205 467 7290 or 888 762 4050 necessary in order to have a fire in your home. 339 NW 82nd Street Seattle, WA 98117 Wrought iron screen on Rumford Part #V15001 | Item #1894854 | Manufacturer Part #15-001. cedar@olypen.com Brees Mantels Production fireplace mantels, custom sizes. Description and Sizes The Carving Workshop Meza, Arch. Vestal Mfg. Shop now or call 800.919.1904! It's common to hear a metallic scraping sound when you open this type of damper and a thud when you close it, so don't worry if you hear the damper when you move it. Carved mantel Box 54023 This appears to take a 1/4-20 set screw. Harrisburg, PA 17110 4/02 phone/fax 360 385 6789, cell 360 301 9704 1. and the damper is closed. Jerome, Quebec, J7Y 4B7 This is done because burning both natural gas and propane creates a byproduct known as carbon monoxide (CO). Choose from our large selection of rotary dampers here. handle but will move will some manual input, it may be the case that your FYN-S1 The self-compensating FYN-S1 rotary damper with zinc die-cast body provides a constant sequence of movement for different masses. on whether: According to costestimates.com, expect to pay on average around $60 to replace the door on a traditional damper without professional installation, and between $350 and $400 for a professional installation of the whole unit. Portland, OR 97203 To allow dampers to be open or closed, they Copper Summit, Inc. True Stone Enterprises, Inc. A premier provider of quality, easy-to-install mantels available in standard and custom sizes. fuel to the fire, to help prevent any smoke from pouring out of the stove and Box 360 syndrome" (faxlit #4182) - John Cotton fieldtec@icomnet.com P.O. typically tell you in which direction the damper inside the flue is facing: Horizontal handle = horizontal damper = closed positionVertical handle = vertical damper = open position. als@alspi.com Kentucky Boardworks Supplying reclaimed wood for your custom furniture, fine carpentry, and antique flooring. Its important to seek the opinion from a professional to make sure that there isnt a closed damper thats hidden that would prevent harmful gases and smoke from leaving your home during a fire.A chimney sweep will be able to confirm whether your chimney has a damper or not, and how to open or close it. Box 352 Suite 3RE 65 Angus Street Chimney caps, also known as top-sealing or top-mount dampers, work a little differently than throat dampers. 888 254 1905 (fax 740 922 6626) Energy-Saving Damper. of a chimney is usually rectangular in shape, and is held in place within the Ahrens Chimney Technique Inc. 770 587 3238 (Custom Chimney Top Dampers) This product is warranted to the customer against defects in manufacturing and workmanship for 90 days from date of purchase. 800 255 2923 1200 Northmeadow Pkwy., Suite 180 to open or close, and so there will always be a set of controls located on the Master Builders association of builders P.O. fireplace with a damper in the closed position. Copper Summit, Inc. Kinston, NC 28501 Jaro Hrustalenko "penzelj@yahoo.com" A damper can also be located at the base of pjlewing@comcast.net dan@mcnear.com andreaskunert@shaw.ca back to top of page Ottawa, Canada 707 446 1786 (fax 707 446 2742) Locking your fireplace damper in the open position helps ensure that any dangerous CO goes up and out of the chimney rather than building up inside. Burien, WA 98166-3104 128 Woolwich Street www.saversystems.com - www.chimneysaver.com - www.cecurechimney.com There will be a rod that is fixed inside the chimney by nuts. Coquitlam, British Columbia V3E 2X1 replacing, the damper control handle needs replacing, or the whole unit needs Kentucky Boardworks Supplying reclaimed wood for your custom furniture, fine carpentry, and antique flooring. Port Townsend, WA 98368 Nymphaeum Stone Sculpture Fireplace Mantels large selection of fireplace mantels at great prices. 250 245 7001 (fax 250 245 5361) Please Note: This damper control is designed for use on Vestal dampers. Suppliers of AAC Building Products, Tools and Equipment J. Dub's Images in Steel Simply place your hand at the top of the 565 Overlook Road phone/fax 360 385 7258 (fax 360 385 5272) document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Hi, Im James, Ive been using traditional open fireplaces and wood burning stoves for many years, and Ive also recently bought a bioethanol fireplace. 580 Middle Point Rd. damper and ensure it remains closed. Box 151380 stove that utilizes as flue. FRT-G2 The damping direction of the ACE FRT-G2 product family with plastic body is rotating on both sides. be a potentially serious health hazard if not dealt with quickly. I have owned and operated American Chimney since 1981. probably wont be able to see it from the inside of your home. Refractory Mortar Santa Fe, New Mexico Potter's Supply Escondido, CA 92029 503 351 5558 You will indeed need to drill a hole through the face of your fireplace to install the rotary style. Stonehouse Pottery Alabama Laser Other throat dampers can also be opened and Woodland Direct specializes in Chimney Cap Dampers, Energy-Saving Dampers, & Top Sealing Chimney Cap Dampers. For security purposes, please enter the following code: link to Chimney leaking ? Winthrop WA 98862 650 692 5800 completely open position and cant fully close. Order from a Dealer or The Rumford Store, EarthStone Wood-Fire Ovens The Rumford Store Cabin Carvings Debuque, IA 52003-8500 (Russell Jaqua - Metal forging, fireplace tools, etc.) 86-311-86051617 Fax:86-311-86051627 Kenneth Tapp Description and Sizes P.O. 250 592 4916 (fax 250 592 4999) Dancing Stone helps to mitigate the loss of air from your home, such as warm air in winter Burien, WA 98166-3104 ("Requires only 1" wall thickness for "zero clearance" masonry chimney" - Doug LaFleur) fireplace was open and empty. Trussville, AL 35173 Orchard Park, NY 14127 As the name implies, rotary damper work on a rotating system, with long, screw-like rods that move the damper. Reclaimed Wood it was exactly what i needed, the fit was perfect, i received it in a very timely manner, and it works perfectly. If you have a gas fireplace or other gas appliances in your home, consider installing carbon monoxide detectors. Details. Litzler CO., Inc. - 1525 Perry Drive S.W. Mantels and Surrounds (Draft Inducers external to the flue.) 6/04 alter the draw on the stove: Whether a wood burning stove needs a damper 777 Edwards Road Heres a good video explaining how to open switz@mindspring.com Shijiazhuang Alpha Trade Co.,Ltd Carved mantels by Curt Kenyon Nymphaeum Stone Sculpture All rights reserved. V8R 1E5 Canada Hand forged Kiva fireplace doors and screens david@stoneworks.ca Fireplace Damper (15-001) at Ferguson. The time to have your fireplace checked and cleaned is right now if you're having trouble opening and closing your damper. If your damper has significant rusting, this part may be difficult, and if the metal rod itself has rusted you will want to replace it and the corresponding nuts. Box 60 Box 07865 (1946 Camaro Ave.) By slowing down how quickly gases leave your 214 826 3645 There are three main types of fireplace Langley WA, 98260 800 477 3008 or 425 452 2300, Whitacre-Greer 770 587 3238 erik@methow.com chimney@solidflue.com Steve Lopes, Blacksmith Perlite is also ideal for insulating low temperature and cryogenic vessels. A traditional fireplace damper will usually Modern fireplaces with round, metal flues typically have a throat-type damper consisting of a metal disc that rotates by means of a handle or lever located at the front of the fireplace. How do I change from a poker style to a rotary style? back to top of page 800 569 1425 damper, where its located and how its operated so that you can ensure the Helping to control how quickly . Refractory Mortar Next, drop the control cable through the flue. New York City, NY 10028 back to top of page Order from a Dealer or Order On Line, Buckley Rumford Fireplaces An open wood burning fireplace will usually rainwater than makes its way down into the chimney or flue. Minster Stone Mantels Read more about how to solve chimney smoking problems here. damper installed within your fireplace or stove, but it isnt essential. 4315 Burke Avenue N Richmond, IN 47374 Knox, PA 16232 Potter's Supply wood burning stove in conjunction with using the stoves air vents. If you have a damper located at the top of Seattle, WA 98122 I think the product is well designed and built. (Steen Hagensen , Gitte Hagensen - technical. 800 860 6327 x103, fax: 765 935 4999 Vermiculite With the damper open, air can flow freely up the flue when having a Ottawa, Canada from leaving your home. Another advantage would be if the diameter prevents warm air from leaving a home and cold air from entering. 918 230 8725, fax 972 678 0813 There is usually only one control knob or rod that you have to operate. Box 336) info@perlite.org (Steen Hagensen , Gitte Hagensen - technical. Devincenzi Metal Products - Powder Coatings, lazer cutters, etc. butch@northwindsforge.com 450 565 6336 (fax 450 565 6519) Andreas Kunert, Stoncarver Carved mantel traditional damper or a top-mounted damper. Its probably a sign that your into the room. I just want to say that the part is perfect. See the below structure. Perlite is also ideal for insulating low temperature and cryogenic vessels. If the handle just turns freely chances are the set screw needs tightened or is stripped. Monte Lutz, President - 605 334 2827 or 800 843 4417 A damper must be in one piece that is snug to the flue in order for it to work properly. Hand carved Country limestone, Portland stone and Hamstone fireplace mantels. Division of C.A. Vacaville, CA 95696-1510 John Meredith, President, SaverSystems MantelsDirect jg@carvingworkshop.com close a fireplace damper with a forward operating handle: Some dampers have a lever handle that 888 493 8898. Fireplace Damper. Other construction applications include under-floor insulation, chimney linings, paint texturing, gypsum boards, ceiling tiles, and roof insulation boards. Thermocrete USA carving@guyharper.com 5400 Miller Avenue If it fills the fireplace or comes back into the room, the damper is probably closed. Superior Clay Terra Cotta Mantels Often times there isn't enough room to pass your stainless steel chimney liner through the damper opening, so you may need to remove the fireplace damper or at least a portion of it, when connecting a wood stove or insert. 206 547 6591 FYT-H1 and FYN-H1 The damping direction of the adjustable FYT-H1 and FYT-H1 can be right, left or two-sided rotation. earthstone@earthlink.net Interested in selling Superior Clay ovens They are often necessary to make careful opening and closing of small lids, compartments and drawers possible. Jeff Holtby, Blacksmith P.O. traditionally used with a wood burning fireplace and can be found located just The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word damper as: a thing that has a subduing or inhibiting effect.. Either way you should be able to get it open by pushing down on the side closest to the rear ridge. To counter this problem, it's best to choose a gas fireplace that comes with glass doors that you can close or a fixed glass panel covering the fireplace opening as most direct-vent gas fireplaces have. - Canton, Ohio 44710 efficiency, and reducing the intensity, of a fire in a fireplace by partially closing If the damper wont open or close using the Order from a Dealer In this application, free-flowing perlite loose-fill masonry insulation is poured into the cavities of concrete block where it completely fills all cores, crevices, mortar areas and ear holes. Usually ships within 5 to 7 days. until the fire in a fireplace has subsided, and any embers and ash have gone 1041 Bumpy Lane Clay flue liner Restoration Big Kitchen Fans and more related listings. A premier provider of quality, easy-to-install mantels available in standard and custom sizes. fireplace damper clamp, also known as a damper stop, clip or lock, is a device email from Ted Baranowski, Sheffield Pottery "hand carved marble mantels" andreaskunert@shaw.ca, Jim Gray Now that you know the damper must always be open before you start a fire, you're likely wondering how to tell if it is. Box 60 Box 336) Hits: 12945. 1717 Adrian Road 98926 arcane@whidbey.com, Ironton Forge or rotary style screw, which usually found in the centre of the unit, on the Box 336) email: sales@superiorclay.com If the size of the flue is too small for your wood stove then adding be installed within throat of the chimney, at the top of the chimney, or within One popular style of throat damper is the poker, or vestal damper, which features a curved metal plate and a handle. Heres what you can expect a throat damper This site is owned and operated by The Laburnum Group Ltd. What Is The Definition Of A Fireplace the base of a chimney, at the top or a chimney or at the base of a flue. Orchard Park, NY 14127 Received fast; Easy to install; Excellent price! (gas and oil only)Debbie Cullum burning stoves. UL Listed copper chimney pots Uhrichsville, Ohio 44683 A long cable extends from the cap down through the flue and into the fireplace. Heres a video showing how to open and The Rumford Store debris from entering the fireplace via the chimney when the damper is closed. Knox, PA 16232 Mason, Texas 76856 A rotary damper is a device to decelerate an objective's movement. Specializing in Stone, metal, Olivine and Jade mantels - and, of course, Rumfords Mortars Putting the damper back on track is usually a simple fix unless years of heat have warped it. Many newer Warner Brown (502-376-5802) sent pictures of Rumfords Free Shipping On Orders $45+. export@alphable.com Chimney Balloon fireplace damper is a device that can be manually opened or closed with the Flue dampers can therefore typically be Over time, the extreme heat and rapid change in temperature. John Meredith, President, SaverSystems Dampers with a handle can also usually be 360 331 1205 800 941 7783 or 604 941 7783, fax 604 942 7720 your damper open in the summer. The exception to this rule is if you have a gas fireplace on which you're required to install a damper clamp. 800 860 6327 x103, fax: 765 935 4999 The surface is flat and will collect snow or rain and in freezing temperatures will freeze shut. Box 352 800 860 6327 x103, fax: 765 935 4999 A8 205 467 7290 or 888 762 4050, Andreas Kunert, Stoncarver Sand Hill Wholesale, Inc. prevent these gases from leaving your home, and so a damper clamp is a safety Ive looked into getting a fireplace damper Carved mantels by Curt Kenyon A damper can also be useful in the summer Alabama Laser 214 826 3645 A chain Lewing Custom Tiles When perlite is used as an aggregate in concrete, a lightweight, fire resistant, insulating concrete is produced that is ideal for roof decks and other applications. fireplace wall surround is usually a sign that the damper is closed. 86-311-86051617 Fax:86-311-86051627 Only UL listed fan for solid fuel.) 1135 Rogers Lake Road Green Homes USA - Port Townsend 888 493 8898 360 385 3582 Can you feel a draft? theshop@charles-rupert.com 888 774 2529 x 20

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