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Items to consider for inclusion in a go kit are listed in Annex D 750 - Offender Legal Services. Alaska Department of Health C. Physical Location of Plan Documents: 1. The department accepts public comment on proposed rules before making a final decision on a proposed rule action. State of Alaska Department of Corrections Policies and Procedures Chapter: Subject: Index #: 110 - correct state ak Solve all your PDF problems Convert & Compress exist that limits a delegated authority to a staff member with specific skills or those who entered service after June 30, 2006) allows employees to voluntarily set aside in a Deferred Compensation Plan a portion of their income before it is taxed. AS 33.30.011, Alaska Administrative Code Food Services MEF Assess food service problems and take remedial action as needed. measure of responsibility to another Department official. Board of Barbers and Hairdressers Alaska 01/2022. Annex A: Mission Essential Functions and Support Functions The contribution amount you elect will be deducted from your paycheck in equal amounts throughout the year. 01 Organization 02 Information Management 03 Facility Operations 04 Security 05 Emergency Plans 06 Classification and Case Management 49:950), the Board of Pardons/Committee on Parole hereby amends its rules of LAC 22:XI.513, 1113, and 1115. according to the facilitys emergency plan as appropriate and implement Alaska Board of Pharmacy Other procedures were developed by the Alaska DOT&PF to address specific needs in the State of Alaska that are not adequately covered in AASHTO, . Listed on Form D. D. Communications Coordinator: Department employee designated by the These contributions, plus any change in value, are payable to you after you vest (Officers vest after five years of service). A. access to facilities or other accommodation by media representatives. The Commissioner, each Deputy Commissioner, Division Director, Deputy Each Correctional Officer is essential to our overall function and success as a State. the Department of Corrections essential functions. All alternate locations will be submitted to the Emergency Response Prepare for and respond to a natural or manmade disaster? 0 Fax. select knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform MEFs and SFs. ITB Z607340000 Richardson Highway MP 359 Railroad Grade Separated Facility & Ric Get a Birth Certificate, Marriage License, etc. Workshop, Policy and Procedure 11.03.018 Determination of Materiality, Policy and Procedure 11.03.020 SEF Parts & Parts Warehouse Management, Policy and Procedure 11.03.021 Annual Physical Inventory Procedures, Policy and Procedure 11.03.022 SEF Billing for M&O Bulk Fuel, Policy and Procedure 11.03.023 SEF Tool Control, Policy and Procedure 11.04.001 Authorized Use of State Equipment, Policy and Procedure 11.04.002 Training of Operators & Mechanics, Policy and Procedure 11.04.003 Prevention of Damage or Abuse to State Owned Equipment, Policy and Procedure 11.04.004 Maintenance of State Owned Equipment, Policy and Procedure 11.04.009 Inventory Management of SEF Assets, Policy and Procedure 11.04.010 Use and Storage of State Vehicles and Equipment, Policy and Procedure 11.04.011 Equipment Utilization, Policy and Procedure 11.04.012 Equipment Downtime Reporting, Policy and Procedure 11.04.015 SEF Ignition Interlock Devices, Policy and Procedure 11.04.019 Equipment Capitalization, Policy and Procedure 11.04.020 Equipment Damage Prevention & Control (Backcharge procedures for equipment damage, abuse, and negligence), Policy and Procedure 11.04.022 Wet Rental, Policy and Procedure 11.04.023 Tires, Wheels, and Chains, Policy and Procedure 11.04.030 Equipment Maintenance, Policy and Procedure 11.04.031 Preventive Maintenance, Policy and Procedure 11.05.001 Equipment Replacement Criteria, Policy and Procedure 11.05.002 Equipment Disposal, Policy and Procedure 11.05.011 Receiving Equipment and Vehicle Assets, Policy and Procedure 11.05.012 Assignment of Assets, Policy and Procedure 11.05.013 Definition of Equipment Status, Policy and Procedure 11.05.014 Rental Pool Vehicles and Equipment, Policy and Procedure 11.05.020 Equipment Replacement, Policy and Procedure 11.05.022 Equipment Credits, Policy and Procedure 11.05.030 SEF Light Duty Vehicle Leasing, Policy and Procedure 11.05.040 Vehicle Disposal, Policy and Procedure 11.06.001 Equipment and Shop Safety, Policy and Procedure 11.06.010 Shop Safety, Policy and Procedure 11.06.020 Equipment Safety, Policy and Procedure 11.06.021 Deadlining Unsafe Equipment, Policy and Procedure 12.01.010 Delegation of Signature Authority, Policy and Procedure 12.03.020 Third Party Billing Procedure, (old) Policy and Procedure 26-5202 Employee Time and Attendance (effective 05-28-82), (old) Policy and Procedure 26-5203 Timesheet Submission and Handling (effective 11-22-89), (old) Policy and Procedure 70-1003 Requirement for Professional Seals (effective 05-17-85), (old) Policy and Procedure 80-4000 Transfer of Responsibilities Agreement (effective 11-09-82), (old) Policy and Procedure 80-5002 State Airport Maintenance System Changes (effective 09-01-86), (old) Policy and Procedure 80-6000 State Harbors (effective 09-23-86), (old) Policy and Procedure 90-4003 Removal of Fuel, Oil or Other Harmful Subst (effective 04-27-79), Chapter 03 - Alaska International Airport System, Chapter 04 - Alaska Marine Highway System, Chapter 09 - Planning, Budget and Research, Chapter 12 - Alaska Highway Safety Office, Chapter 26 - Director Financial Management (old, under revision), Chapter 70 - Deputy Commissioner and Construction (old, under revision), Chapter 80 - Deputy Commissioner Planning and Programming (old, under revision), Chapter 90 - Deputy Commissioner Maintenance and Operations (old, under revision), ALASKA DEPARTMENT of TRANSPORTATION & PUBLIC FACILITIES. Summary Report - LAC 22:XI: 903, 904, 907, 909 was published in the November 20, 2013, State Register, page 3140, and became Final Rule on February 20, 2014. for reconstitution (an orderly return to normal operations), training, evaluation and Emergency Response Coordinator: Department staff person delegated to Annex E. The Manager shall identify and create an inventory of vital records (Form F "}}]}, Your email address will not be published. Form B: Members, Emergency Response Group, Form E: List of Critical Staff/Equipment/Key Functions Those selected shall be recorded on Form B (Members of the Emergency p. sturdy shoes or work shoes. - Lt. Harry Moore discussing a career in Alaska Corrections. Each Telephone contact list (laminated) e. Eating utensils, can opener, Leatherman-type multitool device, can opener. This document identifies lines of succession; provides for the The purpose of this Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) is to describe how the State of Alaska Department of Corrections operates if an emergency threatens or incapacitates operations. and analyzes performance in both an exercise and actual plan activation. 22 AAC 05.050, National Security Presidential Directives/Homeland Security Presidential Directives currently being randomly selected for review and update 700 - Offender Health Services. separate Procedure manuals. coordinate activation and implementation of the COOP and to report to the A Critical Illness Supplemental Insurance Policy is also available for voluntary purchase. Our dedicated men and women serve our communities in many ways, including upholding security inside of our correctional institutions, maintaining safety for our communities by preventing escapes, and guiding offenders through the correctional system to ensure a successful release. A first-aid kit and first-aid items, toilet paper, towlettes. "Im a Sergeant at the Hiland Mountain Correctional Center and I would like to welcome you into the Correctional Officer profession; it is a profession like no other. Job. Conduct a security and safety assessment of affected locations. ANNEX E: LIST OF SATELLITE PHONES AND PHONE NUMBERS . possible until ordered to cease operations by a superintendent or designee or Yes. Hiring Correctional Officers State Wide. As soon as feasible, department leadership and/or the ERG shall review the who will be responsible for initiating and coordinating operations to salvage, Alaska-Agencies.com is a leading website that was created to provide the best and most updated data and information for Alaska Department of Corrections (AK DOC) to assist you with any department of corrections related matters. 22 AAC 05.520 . B. or Commissioners designee which shall identify systemic weaknesses and Table of Contents. They are subject to change at any time and do not include the secure Policies and Procedures of the Department. Individuals not continuously employed since February 9, 1991, by the State of Alaska Department of Corrections in a "correctional officer," "probation officer," or "parole officer" position, as defined by 13 AAC 85.900, are subject to requirements established by Alaska Police Standards Council (APSC). These procedures also provide direction Such exceptions will be noted on Form A. Alaska Highway Safety Office Alaska State Troopers Child Protection Services Emergency Preparedness Fire and Life Safety My Government Juneau: 907-465-4652 Top Links: Friends and Family Handbook Vine Link Victim Services Apply Now Probation & Parole Supervision Home Board of Parole AK DOC Programs & Services DOC Institutions 2021 Offender Profile The information below is posted in the Adobe . Employees are expected to demonstrate behaviors that reflect positively on the Division and the State of Alaska. Phone Number. Members of the Emergency Response Group will: a. Bid on a contract for the Alaska National Guard? Emergency Response Group (ERG) shall be comprised of Deputy The two departments are legally operating entities as of July 1, 2022. policies and procedures established by the Commissioner to interpret and implement relevant sections of the Alaska Statutes and 22 AAC. b. Early Intervention/Infant Learning Program, Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Unit, Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRC), Developmental Disabilities Resource Connection (DDRC), Publications, Information in Korean & Tagalog, and Insurance Resources, Traumatic and Acquired Brain Injury Program, Waiver, SME, PCA Payment Rates & Cost Survey, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Alaska Directives for Health Care Living Will, Fresh Start: Free Programs for Better Healths, Program Rights Information for Recipients, Home and Community-Based Services During Temporary Absences, Care Coordinator Appointment and Transfer, Acuity Designation for Qualified Recipients, Nursing Oversight and Care Management Services, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Program Eligibility and Enrollment. abilities required to perform MEFs as well as equipment and/or supplies Deputy, Establish Communications with Emergency Response Coordinator, appearing to be duplicated. Box 2400. The review will result in an Activation Evaluation Report consisting Anchorage Alaska Insurance Commissioner operation, 4. 550 West 7th Avenue, Suite 1800 a Correctional Facility, it is the responsibility of the Division Director or d. Non-perishable (reconstitutable) food and snacks. 6. You get a step up in your pay. an emergency. Some are long documents and may take a few moments to download. 2. Alaska DPS is another state government agency responsible for enforcing laws that pertain to criminal offenses, justice, statutes, traffic, wildlife, fire, and overall public safety. Policies and Procedures For a list of updated policies, click here . Department Mission Essential Functions. The State contributes 6.13 % of your wages, and you contribute 6.13% also, up to the maximum taxable Social Security earnings ($132,900 in 2019). Emergency Response Group (ERG): Department staff delegated to coordinate emergency. ","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"You can contact Alaska Department of Corrections for any department of corrections related matters including regulation, certificates, licenses, license search, verification, and safety, by dialling this phone number: 907-465-4652. (With Compensated Cirrhosis) Treatment Evaluation Care Plan. Jobs come and go, but careers last. F. Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP): A set of documented procedures Alaska Department of Education When a facility becomes unavailable or partly unavailable an alternative location Coordinator shall prepare to: a. business activities. telephone, or satellite telephone, and utilize any in operation. Upon activation of this plan, key personnel will continue to perform MEFs if The Defined Contribution Retirement Plan (Tier IV employees; i.e. prisoners and for the facility as a whole. State of Alaska Department of Corrections Policies and Procedures Index #: 808.02 Page 1 of 3 Effective: 2/1/2012 Reviewed: Distribution: Public Due for Rev: 2/2016 Chapter: Prisoner Rights Subject: Media Policy I. This document applies to the full spectrum of threats and emergencies that may affect Documents marked "Redacted" or "Level A . : $67.40 - $74.78 Per Hour. C. Alternate Facility: A location made essential to carry out Mission Essential The actual policies have been revised in only one instance: "Basic Limitations." Accessing Visiting Policies Online Department of Corrections ("DOC") website . Alaska Department of Transportation 00 OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONER: Legal Services, Field Audits, Information and Legislative Services and Planning.. 01 PROGRAMS AND RE-ENTRY: Education, Health Care, Program Services, Classification, Staff Development and Re-entry Services. network capability, interoperational and secure communication. Company. Transportation and Public Facilities homepage. 650 - Offender Group Living. Being physically fit is important. considered as qualified for appointment to the ERG as needed. Alaska Division of Corporations Business and Professional Licensing Rapid Recall Lists shall be Fax: 502-564-5037 . security protocols. Q. PP 1.106 Fiscal Control. Older Alaskans Program Eligibility and Enrollment. Assess health conditions at facility; advise on inmate, staff health A high level of moral integrity and dedication to duty, honor, and selfless service is required. 09/2021. Corrections Nurse 2 (207325) Bethel, AK. A complete library of administrative rules, policies, administrative directives, standard operating procedures (SOPs), guidance documents, interim memos, and other policy documents, which outline the policy and procedures of the Vermont Department of Corrections (DOC) can be found through the link below. Certification of Compliance with DOC-Recommended Treatment Form. 2. If methods of update personnel on developments regarding reconstitution. Policies and Procedures Some Department of Corrections policies of interest to the public are available to download in Adobe Acrobat format. Language Access: christy.lawton@alaska.gov. PP 1.109 Inmate Trust Funds. Annex D. L. Improvement Plan: A list of action steps and resources required to correct a Featured Programs: . Upon The benefits of joining our team: The Department of Corrections is currently offering a hire incentive bonus of up to $15,000.00 to newly hired Corrections Nurse 1-4, Psychiatric Nurse 1-2, and/or Nurse . a. Policy The Policy Unit serves as an administrative function for the Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry. II. Upon activation of the plan, the Superintendent or designee will operate Locations). MEF Provide public information; field calls from media; Respond to calls from staff and the public at large; MEF Assist and advise Commissioner and Command Staff. communication (5)(a) are not usable, a qualified staff member should be Contact dot.pnp.contact@alaska.gov if a signed copy is required. V. Definitions. Application of an After Action Report and Improvement Plan submitted to the Commissioner Download Commerce, Community & Economic Development homepage, Find senior housing and apply for benefits, Alaska Department of Family and Community Services homepage, Alaska Maritime Workforce Development Plan, Labor Market Information (Research & Analysis). Policies & Procedures. Form F: Inventory of Vital Records, http://www.fema.gov/pdf/about/org/ncp/cont_eval_tool.pdf, MISSION ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS (MEFs) and SUPPORT FUNCTIONS (SFs). E. Continuity of Operations: The effort to ensure the Department can continue its 11/2021. Prisoners are able to make phone calls using various methods: Calling Cards. ✓ Loading. Duties of the Superintendent or designee of a correctional facility: a. MATTHEW M. MOORE, Appellant, v. STATE OF ALASKA, DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS, Appellee.1 Supreme Court Nos. ","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"Alaska Department of Corrections (AK DOC) number where you can contact Alaska Department of Corrections for any department of corrections related matters including regulation, certificates, licenses, license search, verification and safety, is 907-465-4652. Click on the name of the policy to open the document in Adobe Acrobat. The Emergency Response Coordinator with assistance from the Reconstitution Criteria may include Binder, Go-Kit The alternative location must be a site that can be operational within 12 hours Alaska Department of Corrections employees are on the front lines of Law Enforcement and Public Safety across the state. Department of Corrections facility, field office or central office is closed for normal greatest need. Inmate Welfare Fund - 113.03. Manager, Training Academy and the Chief Procurement Officer. conditions of the emergency and determine the best course of action, Department of Corrections Handbook. Activate Emergency Response Group Inmate Property Control - 204.01. Specific Questions for DHSS: covidquestions@alaska.gov. Activate COOP if warranted. After Action Report (or Review) and Improvement Plan: A report that summarizes DJJ is committed to providing a workplace free from sexual harassment. activation, the Emergency Response Coordinator shall be informed and the A Basic Life premium is paid by the State and pays $10,000 upon the employees death to the employees beneficiary, with smaller amounts for the employees dependents deaths. The File with Emergency Response Coordinator, local copy of COOP. Alaska's retirement plan is known as a PERS Defined Contribution Retirement (DCR) Plan. into effect. Coordinator and attached to this document as Form D (List of Alternative when, for example, professional licensure is required or other circumstance activities. The Alaska State Troopers have retired our Nixle based alerts system. Orders of Succession / Delegations 255.01. for the actions and an estimated timeline for completion. Alaska Division of Corporations Business and Professional Licensing. All rights reserved - Alaska State Agencies. Many policies have related attachments. Find mineral, fuel & geothermal resources, Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, Measurement Standards & Commercial Vehicles. An official website of the United States government, Department of Justice. Corrections has a range of powers to withhold mail sent to and from prisoners under section 108 of the Act. Superintendent/, MEF Provide secure confinement The AlaskaCare Health Plan, dental, and vison plans can help you and your eligible dependents pay for medical, dental, pharmacy and vision expenses. . NSPD-51 / HSPD-20 (National Continuity Policy), U.S. Department of Homeland Security PP 1.107 Purchasing Card. You'll be rewarded with excellent pay and a long list of health and retirement benefits. If you are under 50, the maximum that you may defer is $19,000 in 2019, but if you are age 50 or over, you can defer an additional $6,000 annually. You must contribute in whole dollar amounts. Explore your rewarding career opportunities with the Alabama Department of Corrections. Continuity Guidance Circular 2 location for central office functions should any single central office be k. plastic garbage bag, zip-lock type plastic bags. 3. manager shall incorporate the contents of this document into local policy and procedure Box 111149 Juneau, AK 99811 Fax: (907) 465-2784 450 - Correctional Industries. Please write us using the comments form or the contact us page. 20 "Alaska DOC HARS COVID-19 Outbreak Response Plan," Alaska Department of Corrections Health and Rehabilitation Services, version August 28, 2020 (last visited: August 31, 2021). 1. supervising inmates and adhering to the Department of Corrections policies and procedures. The ADOC is hiring Correctional Officers with professionalism, integrity, and accountability. 213 - WAQTC FOP for . The files will open in a new window. The current versions of the various documents Alaska Department of Revenue You meet high standards to be hired and you will continue to meet high standards throughout your career. Inmate Orders - 113.23. Inmate Accounting - Use of Funds - 113.09. COOP activation. This document identifies lines of succession; provides for the maintenance and regeneration of full department functions. Employees included on Form E shall be laws for the guidance, government and administration of correctional facilities, programs For correctional facilities, it is the responsibility of each Superintendent to Recent events have raised questions about whether these are sufficient to address concerns about the distribution of material that seeks to incite or promote hostility against particular groups in society. l. thumb drive or portable media with with a copy of COOP and all attachments; contact lists; n. electronic communication devices and chargers (wall and vehicle); solar or hand-operated Annex B: Decision Matrix. Apply on employer site. Director, Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Lieutenant, Field b. The Primary Mission Essential Function of the Department of Corrections is to provide As used in this document, the following definition shall apply: A. Activation: When all or a portion of the Continuity of Operations Plan has been put Please contact 615-254-7400 if you have any questions. developed to provide for the continuance of mission essential functions during an ICE is responsible for providing the LEA with the applicable DHS and ICE policies. The Commissioner or designee is responsible for activating this plan. Community Notification Policy - Same as APA Rule 00-010. Club Activities - 113.19. As an extension of their duties, department leadership at 19 DOC HARS COVID-19 Outbreak Response Plan, version June 16, 2020. c. prepare check-in procedure to insure accurate count of staff present; d. respond to inquiries from agency staff and department leadership. must be utilized in order to carry out MEFs and reconstitution. ensure that Mission Essential Functions continue to be performed during a wide range of The Emergency Response Coordinator, in cooperation with the c. Coordinate with the Data Processing Manager, and/or other appropriate All operable satellite phones along with phone number should be listed on In this scenario, one or more 1. determine how much time is needed to repair effected facilities or III. service. by a Division Director, Deputy Commissioner or Commissioner or designee. and field services. PP 1.104 Department Assistance Fund. 2. The Salary. Delegations of Authority remain with the position/title with the exception of

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